We help everyday people protect their identity so they can safely interact with businesses globally
Don't compromise your sensitive information by interacting with people you are unable to verify. If you don't know who's calling you, simply don't answer the call!
We are a cybersecurity company!
A world without consumer-targeted cybercrime

Visibility You Need

Everyday People
Safely interact with businesses ensuring the protection of your personal information. Receive advanced notifications of business interactions, independent verified business contact information and the ability to verify the business staff member. Join the community for free now.

Brands / Business
Eliminate customer doubt during interactions and increase consumer trust and confidence in your brand. Advocate the protection of your customer's personal information and identity by first allowing your customers to verify your business identity before requesting the customer authentication. Join the fight against cybercrime.


Universal Business Authenticator

That's right, a universal mobile app that allows you, as an everyday person, to verify/authenticate a business during an interaction. Don't compromise your identity or personal information dealing with businesses or people you are unable to verify.

How many times have you been asked to provide your personal information to a stranger on a phone call that claims to be from your bank?

We've built Guard Point specifically for the everyday person as a tool and process to help protect you from Social Engineering attacks. Our vision is to rid the world of consumer-targeted cybercrime.

Participating businesses on Guard Point undergo continous identity verification to ensure you are able to identify and decide whether you want to interact. You also receive a secret one-time-password unique to every business interaction as a way to verify the business. This gives you confidence that you know who you are talking to.

Download the Guard Point mobile app and start protecting your identity now!
  • Advanced notification of who is contacting you.
  • View verified business contact information.
  • Verify the business in real-time.
We offer this free service for consumers in order for us to achieve our vision of a world without consumer-targeted cybercrime!
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A world without consumer-targeted cybercrime

We believe that everyone in our community should have protection against consumer-target cybercrime.

Having identified that our community is most vulnerable to Social Engineering attacks (the art of exploiting human psychology), we've developed the tools and processes to help the everyday person and our most vulnerable in our community stay safe when interacting with businesses.

We believe there is a real need for more investment into cyber protection services for the community. You need someone on your team, someone with your best interests at heart, someone to give you the tools and processes to protect your identity and personal information. We would like to believe that we can be your trusted team member.


How does Guard Point work?

There are many cybercrime activities and techniques; we are going to focus on these two techniques, Social Engineering and Phishing and describe how Guard Point helps protect you. These two techniques attempt to steal your personal information by masquerading as someone you know or as a business you may recognise. The attacks are usually quite successful given that you, as a consumer, often do not have the tools or processes to verify a person or business.

If you had the ability to verify the people/businesses you interact with, the chances of you being impacted by these cybercrime activities reduce significantly.

This is where Guard Point positions itself as a business-identity-authority acting as a gateway for communications from a business to consumers. This allows Guard Point to verify a business before providing you with their verified information and security-codes to verify the business when they contact you. This verified information and security-codes are all available in the Guard Point mobile app.

A single mobile app where you can verify the legitimacy of a business before interacting with them; we call this the Universal Business Authenticator.

It’s important to note, if a business chooses not to use Guard Point to register an interaction with you, we are unable to provide any verification. We urge you not to answer or interact.

With a business using Guard Point, you will receive a notification on the Guard Point mobile app, detailed verified information about the business as well as a one-time security-code that you can use to verify them.

Both you and the business receive the one-time security-code; You should ask the person interacting with you to advise of the Guard Point Security Code. If they are able to provide the security code, you can then be reasonably sure that the person you are interacting with is with the business in the verified business details. Having said that, you should always be careful of sharing personal information. As a consumer, you should never share your security-codes.


Social Engineering Protection

Social Engineering is the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information. Confidential information may include your passwords, personal, sensitive, political information to name a few. Cyber criminals use a number of techniques and strategies to effectively gather this information from people and businesses. Globally businesses invest in staff education as the primary form of defence, while the everyday people don’t have the luxury of training, technology, tools or processes.

Simply masquerading as another individual or business entity, an attacker can confidently steal any information they wish. For most Social Engineering attacks, simply being able to verify the identity of an individual or business entity is enough to prevent the attack from being successful.

Guard Point provides the platform for both the everyday person and businesses globally to verify their interactions. Whether it's a customer verifying a business or a business verifying business entities in their supply chain, simply knowing exactly who you are dealing with will limit the impacts of Social Engineering attacks.

Know who you are dealing with

The Guard Point App provides you with the following features when businesses choose to use Guard Point to interact with you:

Advanced Notification
Be notified of a business making contact with you when the business uses Guard Point.

View Business Details
View all the verified business details such as the business website, phone number, email, etc.

Verify the Caller
Verify the caller with a one-time security code to make sure you know who you are talking to.


How to get started?

Getting started is as easy as downloading our mobile app on either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Setup a new account within the app along with your identities such as email address and mobile phone number.

Once setup, you can view a demonstration of how Guard Point works.

Please note, you will only receive notifications for businesses that are using Guard Point. If you do not receive a notification when a business is requesting your personal information, you should hang up immediately.

Guard Point is a consumer protection service aimed at providing you and your family with protection from scams, spam and identity theft.

Guard Point provides protection against threats to your customers and internal staff such as scams, spam and identity theft. Secure your supply chain and protect your customers.

The Challenge
Around the world consumers face the same problem everyday; how do I know if I am being scammed? Unfortuatnely there aren't enough products and solutions in the marketplace that focus on consumer security. Until now!

The Solution
Guard Point has developed the process and technology to help consumers make informed decisions when dealing with businesses. When a Guard Point participating business contacts a consumer, you receive a notification in advance, the full business verified contacts and a one-time verification code to verify the interaction.


Everyday Tips and Tricks

We believe that everyone in our community should have protection against consumer-targeted cybercrime. In addition to providing our Guard Point consumer protection App and Service, we are also developing free Cyber Security training courses to help with community & consumer protection.

We are developing the courses to be light-weight, time-efficent and easy to understand for the everyday person. Our training is aimed at non-technical users who want security tips and tricks without having to invest a lot of time.

There is no sign-up or information required to view our courses - We hope you find value and learn how to protect yourself online.
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