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Don't compromise your sensitive information by interacting with people you are unable to verify. If you don't know who's calling you, simply don't answer the call!
We are a cybersecurity company!
A world without consumer-targeted cybercrime
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  • Advanced notification of who is contacting you.
  • View verified business contact information.
  • Verify the business in real-time.
We offer this free service for consumers in order for us to achieve our vision of a world without consumer-targeted cybercrime!
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The Mobile App

The Guard Point mobile app is designed to help you make informed decisions when interacting with businesses.

With the mobile app installed you will be provided the following features for participating businesses on the Guard Point platform:
  • Notification of the business who is attemping to make contact with you.
  • A list of verified business contacts.
  • A one-time verification code that the business will advise you to prove who they are.

Some of the key features of our service is the ability to have multiple identities configured such as your mobile number, home phone number, work phone number, email address and so on. When a business attempts to make contact with any of your identities, you will receive a notification within the Guard Point mobile app.

We also pride ourselves on providing support for vulnerable people and seniors where our platform allows for multiple notification devices. This allows carers and guardian to also be notified of business interactions to ensure they can assist the people they are caring for.

It is improtant to note that our service only works with participating businesses who value the protection of your personal information.


What you will expect to see

In a typical scenario a business may want to make contact with you via a phone call. If the business is using Guard Point, they will register the interaction intention on the Guard Point platform. This registration activity is as simple as the business providing Guard Point a secured copy of the identity they are intending to contact (e.g. your mobile number).

Our platform will then perform business verification checks to ensure the business profile is up to date and their business contacts have been verified.

On success, Guard Point will locate your account and send a push notification to all of your configured notification devices that have been setup to receive alerts.

When opening the notification, you will see the interaction details within the app and the one-time verification code that you should never share!

GuardPoint mobile app overview
GuardPoint mobile app details
To view more information, you can click on the notification to open up additional details such as business contact information, interaction and contact verification details. You should expect the interaction to follow shortly after. This may be in the form of a phone call.

Its important to remember, just because you received a Guard Point notification, this doesn't mean the next phone call is the business listed in the notification. This is why we have the verificaiton code.

If you decide to answer the call, you should ask the caller for the GUARD POINT CODE.

If they are unable to provide this to you, or its incorrect, hang up immediately. Do not say any other words on the phone call.


Help us help you

We are a young Australian business tackling a global problem (Scams, Spam and Identity Theft).
If you value what we are trying to achieve, we would appreciate your support by requesting your business or businesses that interact with you to use Guard Point to help protect your identity, my identity and everyone elses identity.

Thank you for your support
Guard Point team

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