Your Security taken Seriously
Privacy by Design; Security by Design; it's our foundation.
We are a cybersecurity company!
A world without consumer-targeted cybercrime


  • Encrypting your data at rest.   Your Guard Point data is always stored encrypted.
  • Encrypting your data during transit.   Your Guard Point data stays encrypted while the data is travelling from your browser to our servers.
  • Your data encrypted during operation.   Your Guard Point data is always encrypted, even while our systems are in operation.
  • Individual encryption keys per user.   Your Guard Point data is encrypted with a unique encryption key specifically for you.
  • Individual encryption key rotation.   We securely and regularily re-encrypt your data with new encryption keys following best practices.


Guard Point is private by design

We only collect the information necessary to provide our services and help you with troubleshooting.

Personally identifiable information is never shared with third parties unless required as part of providing the service to you (e.g. sending an email, sms, postal letter or calling you)


Dynamic Multi-Factor Authentation (MFA)

MFA should no longer be optional, but it should be easy. We always check its you and we give you the flexibility in your account strength.
  • You choose your MFA Factors.   Select how you want to be verified.
  • Multiple MFA Factor Capability.   Choose multiple factors to enhance your account security.
  • Choose One-time passwords, Authenticator Apps or both.   Take advantage of flexibility and choice we provide you in securing your account.


Security and Privacy

  • Best practice web security.   Privacy and security are top of mind at Guard Point with a large continual investment in this space.
  • Best practice mobile app security.   We heavily invest in our mobile app security and continue to update to ensure your account and data remains secure.
  • Best practice data security.   We ensure that when you enter your personal information, it is either encrypted or hashed. If we ever need to display your personal information to you, we only share masked details.

Operating to Protect the Community from Spam, Scam & Fraud
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