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The challenge

Around the world consumers of business services all face the same challenges of dealing with scams, spam and identity theft. While businesses have been improving their security systems to ensure they protect your data that they hold, we haven't seen the same level of increased protection being available for consumers (You)!

Scammers often target consumers with various techniques, with one of them as simple as masquerading as a business to steal your personal information. Almost all the readers would have experienced a business calling you and requesting you to provide personal information such as your full name, date of birth, home address and so on as a form of identity verification without knowing who the caller is or how to verify them.

Ask yourself
  • How do you identify who you are talking to?
  • How do you verify a caller is from the business they say they are from?
  • Do you ignore calls from unknown numbers?
  • At what point are you suspicious and hang up a call?
  • How do you know when you are being scammed?
  • Would you know what to do if you knew you were scammed?
  • How do you protect your identity and personal information?
  • Who is helping you protect your identity?
We are all faced with the same challenges when it comes to interacting with another person or machine. Today, the general advice you will read on websites, from businesses and security experts to consumers is to:
  • Be aware of consumer scams.
  • Be suspicious of all unknown callers.
  • Don't trust caller ID.
  • Ask Questions.
  • Call them back.
  • Call them back.
  • Report suspicious phone calls.
While the above advice is reasonable, you are still gambling on the fact that every phone call you answer is possibly a scam.

What you really need is to know the verified identity of who is interating with you.

With that in mind, do you think senior citizens and vunlerable people are equipped to protect their identity?

How do you engage with legitimate businesses when the general advice is not to engage with anyone over the phone, SMS and email?

The consumer identity verification processes that most businesses have put in place to protect your personal information is in fact flawed. These processes encourage the consumer (You) to initially share your personal information to a caller in an attempt to verify you. This process opens up additional attacks on consumers by scammers armed with your personal information to commit fraud.

Guard Point is changing the perspective, looking for the business initiating the interation with a consumer to first verify themselves before asking for the consumer verification.

Read more about our solution in the below section.

If you would like to read more on a few of the forms of social engineering attacks from wikipedia:

The solution

Guard Point has developed the process and technology to allow you as a consumer to be notified in advance of a phone call or interaction, provided with verified contact information of the business and a way to verify the caller is who they say they are.

The Guard Point solution focuses on the business first verifying themselves before requesting verification of the consumer (You). This is to limit the amount of personal information shared to a potential attacker.

While this seems obvious, how many businesses currently do this?
Have you experienced a business verifying themselves first before asking you to provide your personal information?

Guard Point was born with the primary goal of protecting consumers. This means we do everything we possibly can to protect you and your data and attempt to provide you with the safest interations with businesses.

In order for the Guard Point solution to work for you, we do need to know and verify your identities such as your mobile phone number. This is so we are able to notify you when a business attempts to interact with your identity.

We also request businesses to verify their identities to ensure the business details that are shared with you during an interaction are correct, up to date and verified.

We would like to reassure you that we take the protection of your data and identity very seriously. Your personal information is encrypted at rest, encrypted in transit and encrypted in operation. Your data is not shared with anyone for any reasion other than yourself for managing your account.

How it works

Guard Point - A universal business-interaction verification app.
After you as a consumer has signed up and a participating business on Guard Point.
GuardPoint - How it works - Description

As a consumer you will need to review the business verified contact information to determine if you believe the business is legitimate or not and make a decision as to whether you wish to answer/engage with the caller. If you do encounter a scam, spam or identity theft you should report this to your local authorities as well as reporting this to Guard Point within the app.

While our process is not fool proof, it certainly must be one of the best solutions in market focusing on consumer cyber protection. We are trying to reduce scam, spam and identity theft and we believe this is a great step forward in achieving that.


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We are a young Australian business tackling a global problem (Scams, Spam and Identity Theft).
If you value what we are trying to achieve, we would appreciate your support by requesting your business or businesses that interact with you to use Guard Point to help protect your identity, my identity and everyone elses identity.

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