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A world without consumer-targeted cybercrime

A world without consumer-targeted cybercrime

We believe that everyone in our community should have protection against consumer-targeted cybercrime.

Having identified that our community is most vulnerable to Social Engineering attacks (the art of exploiting human psychology), we've developed the tools and processes to help the everyday person and our most vulnerable in our community stay safe when interacting with businesses.

We believe there is a real need for more investment into cyber protection services for the community. You need someone on your team, someone with your best interests at heart, someone to give you the tools and processes to protect your identity and personal information. We would like to believe that we can be your trusted team member.


What we started

Having lived in the technology space my whole life, I have seen the growth and impacts of spam, scams and fraud on businesses and everyday people. It was early 2018 when I was being asked on a regular occurrence to assist family and friends to protect their computers and data after they were to click on spam email links.

Starting with education, the goal was to help my family and friends identify the suspicious emails and remove them. While a positive outcome of less requests for help, I was still finding family and friends would make mistakes as more sophisticated attacks arose.

Challenging each of them, it was evident that the underlying root cause of the problem was they simply did not have a way to verify who the email was from. While there are technical strategies that can be implemented to protect a domain from email spoofing, the user challenge was still determining the identity. And this challenge exists across multiple channels (phone calls, emails, chat messages, etc).

Setting out to solve the problem, we identified Social Engineering attacks as the most harmful to everyday people. If we were able to solve this problem, we could help the young, the old, and most vulnerable in the community.

Months of design, prototyping and development, we were able to perform user and security testing to see how effective the Guard Point process and tools were. We were quite surprised that during these early discussions how many people were impacted by Social Engineering attacks and how confident they were that what we were developing would have protected them.

As we progressed our solution, we noticed the security market growing, with large investments into people, process and technology within businesses. Unfortunately, we have not seen the same level of investment or support into consumer security and protection worldwide. Fortunately for us, our focus was to solve the everyday person’s challenges, and that’s what we have done.

We continued with our initial plans of Guard Point product and services positioned at the everyday person to provide Social Engineering protection for free. An ambitious goal of providing this service for free; we believed that we could provided enough value for the everyday person that they would join our community and that businesses would soon follow with the intent of assisting the protection of their customer’s security.

Technically, we focused on the platform privacy and security including foundationally data encryption (at rest, in transit, in operation, individual encryption keys per user, encryption key rotation and so on). We also designed our platform to support “user-defined data sovereignty” where the user and business can independently choose which region they want to store their data in. Driven out of our desire to provide the everyday person the same or similar levels of data security and flexibility that the large businesses receive in their product selections. Please note, while we are in our launch phase, we have only switched on the Australian data region.

We arrive at 2021 where we officially launch Guard Point, the first product/service that provides a tool and process for Social Engineering protection for the everyday person.

We’ll keep driving to improve our offerings to you, to help anyway we can in protecting your identity and personal information. What we ask from you is, if you believe in what we are trying to achieve, you join our community by signing up for Guard Point for free, installing our app and helping us promote our service to your friends and the businesses you interact with.

Remember to never share your personal information with anyone you are unable to verify.

Selby Steer
Founder – Guard Point


Who we serve

Ultimately we serve the everyday individual to provide cybercrime protection services. Our initial product and service offering revolves around solving the Social Engineering problem by allowing businesses to securely connect with everyday people ensuring that the business correctly identifies themselves to the individual.

Everyday Individual
As an individual we provide you with the tools and process to protect your identity and personal information when interacting with businesses. Our aim is to empower you with the right information to make informed decision about who you interact with.

As a business utilising the Guard Point platform, we provide you with a mechanism to allow customers to verify your brand’s identity. Limiting the exposure of your customers being impacted by attackers masquerading as your brand.


Why and How is it free?

We have positioned our products and services around providing the most amount of value to the individual and communities globally. Putting a price tag on our services to the individuals limits the impact we can have globally on reducing consumer-targeted cybercrime.

It is for this reason, we’ve chosen to provide our core product and services to individuals for free. You should always be mindful that typically free services will use the data you provide to generate their business revenue. Guard Point does not share any of your personal information (unless part of providing services to you) and does not sell any of your data whatsoever.

We are able to provide this service for free by charging a small processing fee for business to register their interaction with you. This allows us to verify the business identities, ensure they are providing enough information to you about who they are, provide you with advanced notification and a mechanism for you to verify the business staff member during an interaction.

How you can help?

To effectively protect you as an individual we need businesses to adopt process changes wtih a focus on protecting the consumer. You can imagine driving a change like this at a global scale is very difficult.

As an individual you can help by doing any of the following:
  • Setup a free Guard Point account to show your support.
  • Follow us on our social media accounts and interact with us to help spraed the word.
  • Request that businesses use Guard Point when interacting with you.
  • Talk to your workplace about implementing Guard Point.
  • Let your friends know about Guard Point and help promote Social Engineering Protection.

If you think of another way you can offer support, we would love to hear it. You can contact us via the contact us page or email us directly on hello@guardpoint.com.au.

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