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Don't compromise business finacial or sensitive information by interacting with people you are unable to verify. We help your business protect its assets by providing you the tools to securely connect with your supply chain and customers.
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A world without consumer-targeted cybercrime

Your business staff need protection too!

Provide your staff with certainty when it comes to interacting with internal and external/outsource teams. The weak link in your enterprise security might lie with suppliers and partners. Providing yourstaff with educational training will help them identify potential fraud, its not enough to protect your business from more sophisticated attacks on your staff. The key to protection here is providing staff members with the tools and processes to confidently identify the legitimacy of an interaction.
IT Support Protection
Your staff need to be able to verify internal and external IT Support. Compromised internal users can lead to serious security impacts to your business. Provide your staff with the tools they need to help protect themselves and business assets.

Identity Theft
Ensure your staff know who they are talking to and their not giving up their personal or corporate information to a scammer.

False Billing
False Billing impacts many businesses and if often identified too late. When receiving an invoice, ensure your can verify the authenticity of the request. Guard Point allows you to verify the identity to give you confidence to make an informed decision. Request your business partners to verify themselves and their invoices using Guard Point.

Masquerading Vendors
Businesses often have many suppliers of prodcuts and services which leads to vulnerabilities of attackers masquerading as your approved vendors. Implementing Guard Point on B2B interactions gives you confidence you are talking to the correct vendor.

Customer Information Protection
When interacting with your customers ensure you verify yourself before you request the customer to provide their verification. A business requesting a customer to verify first is supporting the poor behaviour of personal information being shared to an unknown identity. Scammers use the same identity verification tactics to steal your customers personal information to commit fraud against your business.


Social Engineering Attacks | Why you need Guard Point

Guard Point is well positioned to help consumers and businesses protect themselves from Social Engineering attacks which is currently a very effective strategy for attackers.

Guard Point reduces the information exposure during a Social Engineering Attack by requesting the potentially attacker to first verify themselves. This is completed in two parts, the first being the verification of multiple identities. This builds a picture of the identity for the receiver to review. The second part is the real-time verification where the potential attacker needs to prove they are/or are authorised to use the identities provided.

In this process, consumer sensitive private information is not shared until the consumer is confident that the interation is possibly not a scam.

This concept of verifying a business before a customer is not typically seen globally.
If you have seen this working elsewhere, Guard Point would be very interested to hear more as this is the fundamentals of protecting consumers/customers first.

Primary Vectors | How are you protecting your staff or customers?

Voice Phishing is a criminal practice of gaining access to private, personal and financial information for the purpose of financial reward.

Phishing is similar to Vishing however the attack is typically provided over email with the same intensions. Masquerading as a legitimate business phishing aims at tricking the user into undertaking an action such as clicking on a link and entering in personal information.

Like Phishing, the attack uses SMS messages to tempt the victim into undertaking an action such as clicking a link. Pretexting which is similar to Smishing is used with Voice Phishing to trick the user by making them feel confident that the interation is legitimate.

The Challenge
Around the world consumers face the same problem everyday; how do I know if I am being scammed? Unfortuatnely there aren't enough products and solutions in the marketplace that focus on consumer security. Until now!

The Solution
Guard Point has developed the process and technology to help consumers make informed decisions when dealing with businesses. When a Guard Point participating business contacts a consumer, you receive a notification in advance, the full business verified contacts and a one-time verification code to verify the interaction.


Demonstrate customer loyalty by protecting their identity

As a business you should value your customers data above everything. Prove to your customers you value their security by using Guard Point to ensure your customers know who you are. Know Your Business (KYB).
GuardPoint Consumer Cyber Protection
Photo by Kevin Ku from Pexels
GuardPoint Consumer Cyber Protection
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Increase customer trust with verified business contacts
Provide customers with a consolidated list of your verified business contacts such as website, phone, email, address to build trust.

Increase conversion by improving your customer experience

Guard Point provides your business with a simple way to improve your customer experience. Real-time notifications to your customers when you are connecting with them accompanied with your verified business contacts and a one-time security code for your customer to verify your business.
GuardPoint Consumer Cyber Protection
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GuardPoint Consumer Cyber Protection
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Ensure staff have a mechanism to verify your business technology service centre

Almost all businesses have some form of IT Support which may range from internal technology teams to outsourced support teams. For many, there is no process in place for a business staff member to verify the Technology Support Officers. Guard Point provides your business with a process and tool to solve these issues.

Build mutual trust and security

Typical business processes enforce a level of verification on the customer when interacting. Often this verification process requires that a customer provide personal and sensitive information in advance of determining that your business is legitimate. Guard Point, with a focus on Consumer Protection turns this process on its head requiring that a business should first verify themselves to the customer.
GuardPoint Consumer Cyber Protection
GuardPoint Consumer Cyber Protection
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Continual identity verifications

We continue to verify both customers and businesses to ensure identities are up to date and that an identity hasn't been compromised since the inital identity verification.

Business masquerading protection for your customers

Guard Point provides a way for customers to know if a fraudulent person is masquerading as your business. This helps your customers while also protecting your business brand.
GuardPoint Consumer Cyber Protection
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GuardPoint Consumer Cyber Protection
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We're here to fight identity theft

You should join the fight too! Its simple for both a consumer or a business to get protected now.

Simple to use / Simple to integrate

Guard Point has been designed to support the smallest to the largest of businesses. Our platform is globally scalable allowing you to reach your customers quickly and effectively with none to minimal integration costs.

Guard Point Agent Desktop
Use the Guard Point Agent Desktop to connect with customers by simply typing in a phone number and pressing connect.

Guard Point API
Use the Guard Point API and integrate into your systems whether that is within your CRM, workflow or telephony system.

Pay per interaction for businesses. Free for consumers

The Guard Point platform operates by only charging you for what you use. No minimum commitments and you can cancel at any time with no hidden fees.

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